Property Managers With Heart

I am the first one that will suggest, to anyone who’s looking for a tenant, to keep their heart out of choosing the right tenant, because your rental property is a business.  However, property management is totally different.  Being a property manager is a big responsibility and requires a good heart,” because:

1.   We are responsible for our tenants safety and comfort; and
2.  We are also responsible for the upkeep of the owner’s rental property.

Unhappy tenants will not stay very long, whereas happy tenants will not want to move unless they’re ready to buy a house; and owners are certaintly not going to give a good reference to a property manager who didn’t do a good job.
Any owner who hires me to manage his or her rental property knows that I don’t want my tenants to have to live in a rental that I wouldn’t live in.  I’m refering to the condition of the rental not the type of rental.

Debbie Deckard, Realtor
Greater Midwest Realty & Property Management

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