Surprising Rental Occupancy Limits

During an inspection at a Brooklyn Park side-by-side I manage, the inspector told me about some Brooklyn Park occupancy laws that I would like to share with other owners/landlords.  These laws are:

  • An unlimited number of family members.  This can be cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, etc.
  • If not related only 1 person per bedroom.

Minneapolis has similar occupancy laws and they are:

  • The same unlimited amount of family members.
  • Family members and non related family members not to exceed 5 people.  So Minneapolis allows 1 additional person compared to Brooklyn Park.

This inspector also told me that if a property is over occupied a rental license can’t be issued.

I went to Brooklyn Park City Hall to get more information about this, and was told that even though it’s legal to allow a family with 10 kids, it’s the owner/ landlord’s decision whether or not to rent to that large of a family due to wear and tear.

I find this occupancy law concerning family quite surprising, but I’m relieved to know that it’s the owner/landlord’s decision to rent to large families, and not  mandatory because their family.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Debbie Deckard



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