Rental Agent Leasing Services

Your Needs Are My Number One Concern

Rental Agent Leasing Services

Landlords/Property Owners:

I find quality new tenants for landlords which includes handling the complete rental process.  The best thing for you, the landlord, is that you will be the one to make the final decision on who will rent your rental property based upon the background check and my professional recommendation from years of experience.

My definition of quality renters are renters who:

  • Will pay their rent on time;
  • Will take care of your rental property; and
  • Are easy to communicate with.

Please see my Fee page.

“Quality in a service or product is not what the person you hired put into it.
it’s what the client or customer gets out of it.”  Peter Drucker

I will always work tirelessly for you doing everything possible to provide you with excellent customer service.  I return phone calls promptly and make every effort to make myself as easily accessible to you as possible so that your experience is as stress free as it can be.  I also work weekends and answer and return calls on the weekends.

 Please see our Testimonials page for testimonials/references from satisfied customers.

As additional references, I have a list of satisfied customers’ names and phone numbers I can email or fax you, and letters of recommendations.